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We are all Licensed Professional Tourist Guides

All of the Athens Walking Tours guides are licensed by the Greek Ministry of Tourism but more importantly they share one common trait among them, they love their job and do it with passion, which they regard as a mission, and do not repeat rehearsed information, but, rather, share their wealth of knowledge about Greece in the past and present with each and every one of our visitors in a friendly and informative manner. All Greek guides have to go through a rigorous training of 5 semesters and very strict examinations in order to receive their license. In addition to this all of the The Athens Walking Tours guides are also university graduates and have degrees in History, Archaeology, Cultural Heritage Studies and Foreign Languages.


Annie is a professional licensed guide since 1997. She has worked as a guide all over Greece, but mainly on the island of Patmos, which she loves. Her favorite city though, is Athens! She considers Athens, as a city full of surprises and attractions that invite you to explore them. With her warm and smooth character, she easily passes along her enthusiasm to her guests, young or old. For her, walking through the city of Athens, is like a journey in time. She is a very active mother of two little children.


“What inspires me the most about Athens is that, when I walk through the historical center, I feel that I am walking in the footsteps and seeing through the eyes of some of the greatest thinkers in human history”. Aristotle has a Bachelor’s Degree in Archaeology and participates annually in a number of excavations and surface surveys throughout Greece. He works as a professional guide and lecturer (in Greek and English) and lives in Athens with his wife and two sons!


Artemis is a professional guide in three languages (Greek, English and Italian) since 2010 and has all the passion and the enthusiasm of someone that is actually in love with this job! Upon meeting Artemis you will immediately realize that the profession fits her perfectly and you will feel comfortable and relaxed as she explains the history and the culture of the country she loves so greatly. “I love Greece, I am proud to be Greek and I think that by becoming a tour guide I serve my country in the best way I know how”.


Despina is the founder of the Athens Walking tours and has been a professional guide since 1979. She has a background in Theology and History and speaks English and German fluently. "Guiding is my passion- I can't imagine myself sitting in an office behind a desk. I love Athens and its history and I want to share my love for this city and its monuments with others." It is this passion that Despina speaks of that comes out in all of her tours!


"Hi! I'm Dorina, licensed tour guide since 1997. For me every guided tour is like traveling with a "time elevator"!" 
Dorina is a very experienced guide who brings her smile with her on every tour! She speaks fluent English and French and is the mother of two boys!


Eleni simply loves to be a tour guide. Speaking both English and French fluently, she has worked all over the Greek mainland and islands for over ten years and is a licensed tourist guide. Eleni is always learning and has studied European Civilizations as well as having a passion for volunteering. In her rare time off, she has volunteered for the conservation of Brown Bears in northern Greece, and also recently supported humanitarian efforts in the refugee crisis. But Eleni’s true passion is to share her love for Greece, both ancient and modern history. "Join me and share my knowledge and passion for my fascinating country and its culture that has influenced the world!"


Ermis is a licensed tourist guide since 2011, and has a background in Balkan regional studies, focusing mostly on history, political philosophy and international relations. Being of mixed Greek and Japanese heritage, he has often had to operate as a sort of conduit between cultures, so as to avoid misunderstandings and family members getting "lost in the translation". When he was given to the opportunity to become a professional guide, it felt rather familiar to him and he leapt at the chance. Ermis loves receiving interesting questions by guests from around the world, but hates whitewashing the answers. "My name is Ermis. It translates into English as Hermes. I answer to both!"


Evangelos is a licensed tourist guide since 2010. He has also studied German Language and Literature but his genuine and open-hearted character, practically forced him to become a Licensed Guide! "For me, being a guide is more than a job: It is a dream come true and an opportunity to show people the history, the gastronomy, the hospitality and generally all things that make Greece the most lovable country!" 


James is a graduate of the Greek National College for Guides and speaks Italian, English and French fluently. He joined the Athens Walking Tours team when it first started operating its tours and is still with us! We consider him a member of the family! He has an outrageously good sense of humor and a great smile!


Kostas has a Bachelor in Archaeology and is a licensed tourist guide since 2010. He is guiding in Greek and English. "What I love about being a guide is sharing with people from different cultures the feelings of admiration and awe inspired by the city’s rich history and heritage. It is a daily challenge getting through as many cultural values which make Greece the cradle of civilization. Also, it’s really fascinating to communicate the feeling of living in the vibrant modern city of Athens."


Lilly is a licensed tour guide for over 35 years. She has travelled and worked all over Greece and speaks fluently English, German, French and Dutch. She is the proud mother of two students. Her sweet and pleasant character and her smile, is the first thing one will notice about her and apart from her rich knowledge, the main reason why people love to explore Athens and Greece with her! For her, every single tour she does is a new experience and an opportunity to make new friends and to prove Athens is the most beautiful city of all!


Maria is a professional guide in Greek and English language. "The best time of the day comes when I see that specific smile and expression appearing on people’s faces while guiding them through the past and present of my country. The moment when they realize that no matter which country, nation, and race they belong to, there is something incredibly familiar about Greece, a feeling that goes beyond time, cultures and beliefs: and that is the unique way this country always 'spoke' and warmly embraced the human soul, and eventually walked its way through the ages."


Marianna is a licensed tourist guide since 2010, after graduating Archaeology, and also holds a Master in Prehistorical Archaeology. She speaks fluently English and German and enjoys traveling around the world and meeting new people. "The most important thing of being a guide is coming into contact with other people and civilizations. After a while we all realise that the common things are more than the differences we think we have. Another issue is to make the visitors feel comfortable in this country that created a god for hospitality and of course to see Athens and Greece from a local's view."


Nikos is a licensed tourist guide in Greek and English language since 2011. History happened to be one of his favorite subjects at school, therefore later on he decided to study History and Archaeology and to become a guide. "I love Athens and enjoy living in this great city with the wonderful weather, sunny and bright most of the time! As for my job as a tourist guide, I feel very happy and excited when I'm strolling through the historical center of  Athens, surrounded by bright and cheerful faces. I love to share my passion with the visitors of the city and I just feel screaming out 'Isn't it a wonderful place to work and live?!' I invite you to get to know it with me or my colleagues at the Athens Walking Tours!"


Sophia is half Greek half Japanese and gives guided tours in English and Japanese since 2011. "I feel very lucky  to meet people from different countries and show them the beauties of Greece and explain the History of this country which is the cradle of the Western-European civilization! Athens is a great city that I love and  I am passionate about; its History, its style, its vibrant people make it a highly interesting city and this is what I want to share with my guests." Besides the archaeological sites and impressive Museums, what Sophia likes most about Athens, are its unique sunlight and its goodhearted people.


Stavros is a licensed guide since 2011. He was born and raised in Chania, one of the most picturesque cities in Crete (Greece). Ever since a little child, Stavros loved History, Archaeology and Theology. He studied Theology in Boston U.S.A. and the systematic study of Archaeology is one of his favorite hobbies. The need to share the rich knowledge he possesses with others prompted him to become a tourist guide.
He likes to joke saying that he became a Tourist Guide by "accident", but, what is more precious than a guide who really loves his country?


Vassiliki (Vicky) comes from the beautiful Aegean island of Naxos famous for its stunning marble quarries, its mountainous landscape and its traditional villages and folklore. She has been a professional guide since 2006 and she speaks English and Italian fluently. "I believe that the spirit of ancient Greece still survives through the many local traditions and religious holidays that are still practiced to this day in a very similar way to that which was practiced thousands of years ago!" Vassiliki is a volunteer in various ecological organizations such as MED SOS and Greenpeace. She also takes painting and sculpture lessons at the National School of Fine Arts in Athens.


Voula has been a professional guide in Greek and English language since 1983. She is a lovely lady with a very sweet and motherly nature and this is reflected in the way she guides by the genuine interest she shows each and every one of her tour members and by her enthusiasm for making sure that they all enjoy the tour experience. She is the mother of two teenagers and although she is very active in their extracurricular activities she still finds time for volunteer work, cooking, reading and going to the theater!


Zoe is a fluent speaker in English, Spanish and Portuguese and has been a professional tour guide for 12 years. When asked why she chose to be a guide her answer was "I could never work behind a desk. What I wanted to do most was to be able to be around people from different nationalities, to be part of a global community and to engage in cultural interaction. I look forward to my job every single day." She loves bike riding and has guided many biking tours in Greece. She is also passionate about recycling and animal lover.



GNTO LICENSE NUMBER: 0206E61000258001