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For your convenience

  • We offer private transfers by luxury Mercedes taxis from the port of Piraeus to accommodate cruise ship passengers for their shore excursions.
  • We also offer private shuttle bus transfers from the port of Piraeus for families, school classes, universities or college groups and organizations. Please contact us and give us your request.
  • Special rates for families and students. Ask for your family discount.

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    About Athens

    What is the weather like in Athens?

    The weather in Athens is sunny and dry on most days. Yes it also rains but we have so few rainy days in Athens.

    Can we drink tap water?

    Tap water in Athens is safe to drink. However you can find a wide variety of bottled water in shops and restaurants.

    Is tipping involved on a restaurant bill?

    No it is not involved. Tipping is optional and at your discretion.

    Free Wifi access

    Free Wi-Fi to all passengers of the Port of Piraeus.

    The OLP
    SA has completed the installation of fiber optic network in the total area of the harbor beyond the area of  the cruise, in which the network was installed in 2003-4. Providing Internet services through WiFi technology covers the most geographically throughout the whole area until the passenger station "Vassiliadis" in Drapetsona.
    To use the Internet it does not require special configuration or devices. When the passenger-user connects to the nearest access point and opens the Browser, he just has to enter the 5 digit number and automatically will enter to the free network.

    For more information you can call to : 210-4090620, 6945232060.



    GNTO LICENSE NUMBER: 0206E61000258001